Patriots defeat Trojans 4-2 for third-place finish

Patriots defeat Trojans 4-2 for third-place finish

FLORENCE, SC – Junior Matheo Espinoza provided two wins, including the clinching singles point, to lead the Francis Marion University men's tennis team to a 4-2 victory over the University of Mount Olive in the third-place match of the second-annual City of Florence College Tennis Invitational Tournament, Saturday afternoon (Feb. 9) at the Dr. Eddie Floyd/Florence Tennis Center.  The Patriots lost to 11th-ranked Wingate University 4-0 earlier in the day in the tournament semifinals.

Francis Marion (2-1) will play at local-rival Coker College on Feb. 20 at 1 p.m.

FMU took a 1-0 advantage after doubles play as freshman Brandon Sweeney and sophomore Matt Astell won 6-3 at the No.3 position, while Espinoza and junior Mauricio Guerrero earned a hard-fought 7-5 decision at No.2.

Sweeney quickly dispatched his opponent at No.6 singles 6-2, 6-2 to up the Patriot margin to 2-0.  The Trojans countered with straight-set wins at the top two spots to even the match at 2-2.  Sophomore Paul Meuwissen regained the lead for FMU with 6-3, 7-5 win at No.4, before Espinoza, making his first singles appearance of 2019, registered a 6-2, 6-4 win at No.5 to clinch the win.  FMU was also ahead at the only singles match that went unfinished.

In the loss to the Bulldogs, Espinoza and Guerrero won their doubles match at No.2, but Wingate earned wins at spots one and three to take the doubles point.  In singles action, Wingate claimed victories at positions No.4, No.2, and then No.1.


Men' Tennis Match Results
Feb 09, 2019 at Florence, SC  (Dr. Eddie Floyd/Florence Tennis Center)
Francis Marion University 4, University of Mount Olive 2
Singles competition
1. Armando Ferreira (UMOM) def. W. Anth-Forsberg (FMU) 6-2, 6-4
2. Milosh Petrovic (UMOM) def. Matt Astell (FMU) 6-0, 7-5
3. Charles Hutchings (FMU) vs. Jack Middleton (UMOM) 6-4, 4-4, unfinished
4. Paul Meuwissen (FMU) def. Pablo Safont Ferrer (UMOM) 6-3, 7-5
5. Matheo Espinoza (FMU) def. Gregory Normand (UMOM) 6-2, 6-4
6. Brandon Sweeney (FMU) def. Alex Meseguer Carce (UMOM) 6-2, 6-2
Doubles competition
1. W. Anth-Forsberg/Charles Hutchings (FMU) vs. Armando Ferreira/Milosh Petrovic (UMOM) 5-6, unfinished
2. Matheo Espinoza/Mauricio Guerrero (FMU) def. Pablo Safont Ferrer/Jack Middleton (UMOM) 7-5
3. Brandon Sweeney/Matt Astell (FMU) def. Gregory Normand/Juan Arbelaez (UMOM) 6-3

Match Notes:  University of Mount Olive 1-3
Francis Marion University 2-1
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (6,2,1,4,5)
City of Florence College Tennis Invitational (Third-Place Match)

Men's Tennis Match Results
Feb 09, 2019 at Florence, SC (Dr. Eddie Floyd/Florence Tennis Center)
#11 Wingate University 4, Francis Marion University 0
Singles competition
1. #14 Daniel Belsito (WU) def. W. Anth-Forsberg (FMU) 6-3, 6-4
2. Matthew Jones (WU) def. Matt Astell (FMU) 6-3, 6-3
3. Charles Hutchings (FMU) vs. Tolunay Sumer (WU) 1-6, 4-4, unfinished
4. Josep Canyadell (WU) def. Mauricio Guerrero (FMU) 6-2, 6-4
5. Paul Meuwissen (FMU) vs. Enrico Giacomini (WU) 2-6, 2-5, unfinished
6. Henri Broeseler (FMU) vs. Tamir Geva (WU) 0-6, 6-6, unfinished
Doubles competition
1. Daniel Belsito/Josep Canyadell (WU) def. W. Anth-Forsberg/Charles Hutchings (FMU) 6-2
2. Matheo Espinoza/Mauricio Guerrero (FMU) def. Duncan Addison/Enrico Giacomini (WU) 6-1
3. Matthew Jones/Tamir Geva (WU) def. Brandon Sweeney/Matt Astell (FMU) 6-1

Match Notes:  Wingate University 3-0; National ranking #11; Regional ranking #4
Francis Marion University 1-1
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (4,2,1)
City of Florence College Tennis Invitational semifinals