Visiting Team Information

Facility Location and Information

The Francis Marion University Athletic Training Room is located on the south side of the Walter D. Smith University Center, just off the gymnasium (see Campus Map). The Athletic Training Room will be open 2 hours prior to competition and immediately after competition for treatments.

Visiting Team Resources

The Francis Marion University Sports Medicine Staff will be responsible for providing the following items on the visiting bench or sideline:

  • 1-2 coolers with ice water (with cups)
  • 1 cooler of injury ice with bags and flexi-wrap

Located on the home bench, sideline, or on-site during competition:

  • AED
  • Splint Bag and Crutches

Additionally our Team Physician and/or EMS will be present or on call for home sporting events should you need them.

Special Arrangements and Primary Contacts

Please notify the Head Athletic Trainer or Assistant Athletic Trainer should you need to make any special arrangements for treatment before competition. Notify the Athletic Training Staff prior to your travels if your team will not be traveling with a certified athletic trainer and of any treatments your athletes may need before competition. Listed below are the assigned Sports Medicine Staff Members for each sport

  • Ashton Viterbo – Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Golf, Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Track and Field
  • Jennifer Guiry – Baseball, Women's Soccer
  • Trey Hollar - Men's Soccer, Men's Basketball
  • Shawn Snead - Volleyball, Softball


Emergency Information

Facility Specific Emergency Action Plans

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